Admired by Dali, Georges Brassens, Charles Trenet ... "Jean Saintout young prodigy in the field of animation will produce a show in 1957," said Isabelle, "whose main character is a puppet doll named Isabelle.

Thanks to a clever system, it manages to move his lips, turned his eyes, lower eyelids to talk puppets. And the doll he made entirely maintenance-type humorous discussions with her mother another puppet.

Texts giving rise to records on vinyl 45 minutes allow viewers know the fables of La Fontaine, the story of Bluebeard and many others.

In 1961, Saintout performs a program of animation "sequence of young spectator" with a another doll this time, Claire, the blond braids statements on the head. We can count 560 programs presented by Claire. Children write letters to him to tell him they would like to see movies on TV.

More puppet choose the best designs for show on the screen at the beginning of the broadcast.

According to Agnes Moreau, still retain J.Saintout most beautiful works of art of its viewers!

The success of this program has led to the production of real Claire talking doll for childrens