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Descendant from Louis Maistre (1892-1948) and Paul Comte (1913-1939) both artists Christian Comte (1966) carves wood and molds clay in the hills of Provence. In 1996 Paul Ricard notices his sacred art work and purchases from made from olive tree wood to be a carved Christ exposed in « Ste Cécile des Embiers's chapell ».

After having played the part of crazy wood carver character in the comedy movie « The four seasons of Espigoule » (1999) Christian Comte settles in Cannes. In his workshop of the old « Suquet district » he sets up the Gepetto school of arts that will initiate nearly 1500 children every year to the skill of sculpture.

In 2001 Jean Saintout creator of numerous TV shows for children such as Bip and Véronique, Claire the puppet doll etc...pays a visit to the school. This meeting turns out to be a deciding factor in Christian Comte's career. Thanks to the « Art Saintout » fellowship that Jean created in order to favor young artists. Christian Comte collects numerous documentaries about art at school. In the same way he conceives a real passion for animation movie. Under intelligent advice from Jean Saintout he produces his firts film « The Cavern »Following Jean Saintout's death and in memory of their mutual admiration for Picasso Christian Comte sets the Picasso painting « Guernica » to moving motion.

He then looks into the life of Vaslav Nijinsky greatest ballet dancer of all times from whom but a few photograhs only remain. He undertakes to make his dance again through an original invention of his own. The hyper realistic film produces a real sensation in the world of ballet dancing as well as on the web and obtains the Russian label reward for the year 2010 and 2012.

Christian Comte divides his life between his « haut Var » village where he has his sculpting workshop and the city where he runs a small animation film studio and a small exhibition hall (Gepetto's Gallery).


Mystic Circle ou Le Sacre du Printemps (2012) - , Les Ballets Russes de Nijinsky (6 mn - 2012), Nijinsky 1912 (3 mn30 - 2011) Visa 124335


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Nijinsky star of the stars of ballet dancing achieves a lighting like career before falling into madness. Diaghilev his wild manager having  always refused to let the russian ballets beeing filmed, only a few sill photographs remain from Nijinsky. For nearly a century a crazy legend spread pretending that several extracts from these ballets would have been secretly filmed by Charlie Chaplin and seen in China or Russia or even south America. But no need now to unfold this treasure as Nijinsky had managed to synthesize his ballets within the poses from his photographs. The lost film is now revealed.

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